Course Tour

Windsor #1

Par 4
300 / 329 / 361 / 386

Not the most demanding first hole; however, this is your first look at the creek that runs along the left side of the fairway and throughout the entire course. Hit your approach shot on the appropriate level or a difficult two putt awaits.

Par 4
325 / 377 / 404 / 432

What the first hole lacks in difficulty the second more then makes up for. This is the most difficult hole at the Windsor GC. Avoid the creek on your left and the oak trees down the right side. Favor the left side on your approach to this very deep, narrow green.


Windsor #3
Par 4
234 / 262 / 297 / 327

Although short this par four can be demanding when a drive is misplaced. Hit your tee shot right or over the two silos but avoid the largest bunker on the course which sits short and right of the green. Precision is required on the short second shot to avoid this bunker as well.


Windsor #4
Par 5
401 / 438 / 477 / 502

Aim your tee shot at the large oak tree which sits in the middle of the fairway.A long drive can yield a great chance to get close to this pin in two however be aware of the oak tree grove which covers more of the green then first appears. A good layup to the corner will leave an approach inside 100 yards.


Windsor #5
Par 3
103 / 136 / 152 / 162

This is the first of four challenging par three’s. Your tee shot must avoid the creek and grass bunker short of the green. Accuracy is not the key here, correct distance is a must as this green is extremely wide yet shallow.


Windsor #6
Par 4
341 / 368 / 397 / 428

This dogleg left par four is generous off the tee however a drive down the left will result in a shorter approach. Guarded by bunkers left and right, the importance here is hitting the correct side of this large putting surface. This will avoid a putt up and over a large mound placed in the center of the green.


Windsor #7
Par 3
141 / 165 / 195 / 217

This is one of the hardest par three’s in Sonoma County. Due to the three large bunkers surrounding the green, accuracy and distance are key. Due to elevation change, always a good idea to take one extra club off the tee. Take a par here and run to the next tee.


Windsor #8
Par 4
300 / 320 / 336 / 368

One of the prettiest holes at Windsor. Accuracy is key when attempting to avoid the lake right and the fairway bunkers left and through the fairway. Hit your approach on the green, two putt and move on.


Windsor #9
Par 5
437 / 477 / 516 / 546

A moderately long par five that has ruined many rounds. Accuracy is important as only the longest most accurate drive and approach will be on this green in two. Your layup must avoid the creek and large bunker guarding the green and fairway. Par on the par five is a good score.


Windsor #10
Par 5
412 / 499 / 537 / 569

This wide open par five will get you off to a great start on the back nine. Avoid the fairway bunkers with your drive and great chance for par or better awaits you.


Windsor #11
Par 3
111 / 133 / 160 / 186

Be aware of the wind direction and distance control on the moderately long par three. Hit the center of the green, two putt and move on, par is good score here.


Windsor #12
Par 4
285 / 313 / 347 / 371

Relatively short in length, this par four has many ways to raise your score. Avoiding the lake to the left off the tee is first and for-most. Club selection is key when hitting your approach shot to this elevated green as this putting surface is shallow from front to back and is guarded by two extremely deep difficult bunkers in front.


Windsor #13
Par 3
117 / 138 / 163 / 194

By most accounts this is the signature hole at the Windsor GC. This hole can test the nerves of even the best players due to the intimidating lake which must be carried by your tee shot. A bail out area to the right does offer a chance to make a par with out hitting the green.




Windsor #14
Par 4
277 / 297 / 316 / 338

Long drivers will be able to carry the trio of bunkers stretching across the middle of this fairway. Accuracy is more important on the second shot into this very deep and narrow three tiered green. Take an extra club as this approach plays deceptively long.


Windsor #15
Par 4
278 / 307 / 340 / 362

Nick named “the grave yard hole”, this short wide open dog leg left par four will favor a draw off the tee. A well struck drive can leave an awkward approach from between 50 and 100 yards into the smallest green on the course. Be sure you are on the correct tier as an almost sure three put awaits if you are not.


Windsor #16
Par 4
276 / 299 / 325 / 354

Another short yet very demanding dog leg left par four. Hit your tee shot at the red 100 yard stake through the fairway to lay up. This should leave an approach around 125 yards which is a good distance to come from to this shallow green which slopes away.


Windsor #17
Par 5
381 / 428 / 464 / 494

The long hitters can cut the corner on this short dog leg left par five. For the rest of us this is a three shot hole. Aim your tee shot at the fairway bunker to set up an approach which must avoid the creek to the left and the lake on the right. Be wary of hitting towards a back right pin as this is an extremely small target.


Windsor #18
Par 4
317 / 342 / 382 / 414

Hit a drive which will split the two large oak standing guard on either side of the fairway. Bunkers surround this large green that is known to yield many a good look at birdie. Be careful with your distance as out of bounds long left is closer then it appears.